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Occupation: Welding, Tech, Manage and ...
Interests: All in scale. Natural scenes.
CALLSIGN: Kanguroo


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1st Gen Award:
500+ Campaign Award: The award is granted to everyone registered to the campaign that successfully finishes it (build is completed in time and an image is uploaded to the campaign gallery).
750+ Campaign: This award signifies this person completed the 750+ Campaign
8x8 Award Ribbon:
8x8 MkII Award:
Academy Award:
AFV Club Campaign Ribbon:
Air Recce Campaign: For completion of a model in the Air Recce campaign in accordance with the guidlines
Campaign-Flak You Two: Awards for completion of a Flak You Two campaign build.
Extreme Trucks!: This award signifies this person completed the Extreme Trucks Campaign.
Fighter-Bomber Campaign: This award signifies that this individual completed the Fighter-Bomber Campaign
Harrier Campaign Award:
Helicopter Crossover: This award signifies this person completed the Helicopter Crossover campaign.
IDF award:
Japanese Military:
Jeeps Campaign:
Landship Campaign: This ribbon signifies that the bearer has completed the Landship Campaign
Lockheed campaign ribbon: for completion of the Lockheed Air and Space campaign
National Pride Campaign Award: This award signifies this person completed the National Pride Campaign
Railguns and Howitzers: Rail Guns and Howitzers Campaign
Ribbon : Ribbon given to all of those that finish their builds.
Russian Heavy Tanks Award:
Soviet Phoenix Campaign Ribbon: This ribbon signifies that the modeler has successfully completed the 2016-17 Soviet Phoenix campaign
The Green Machine: Given to those who complete The Green Machine Campaign
The Sign of the Four Campaign ribbon:
Truck and Trailer award: This award signifies this person completed the Truck and Trailer Campaign
TRUMPETER: This award signifies this person completed the TRUMPETER Campaign
Trumpeter 2 Award:
UN Campaign Award: To get this one you must complete the UN Campaign
Unfinished Business: Get this award by completing the Unfinished Business Campaign .
Unfinished Business 2015:
Vietnam II ribbon:
What The Flak? Campaign Ribbon:
Workhorses Campaign: