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1st Gen Award:
56th FG Zemke's Wolpack 2016: This ribbon signifies the completion of a build for the 56th FG Zemke's Wolpack 2016 Aeroscale Group Build.
75 Years Mighty Mustang ribbon:
8x8 Award Ribbon:
A Very Civil Campaign:
Academy Award:
Air Recce Campaign: For completion of a model in the Air Recce campaign in accordance with the guidlines
Aluminum Cans Campaign ribbon: This ribbon signifies that the recipient has successfully completed the 2018 Aluminum Cans or Quicksilver Campaign.
ANZAC Campaign Ribbon : This ribbon signifies that the recipient has successfully completed the 2017 ANZAC Campaign
Armored Car Campaign Award: This award is given to all those who bravely complete the Armored Car Campaign
B-A-T 3: Award for successful completion of Build A Tool 3
Battle Damage Campaign Knockout Award: Wear it proudly!
Battle of Britain 75 ribbon: This award signifies sucessful completion of the Battle of Britain 75 Campaign.
Big Cats MK IV: This award is given to those who have completed the Big Cats MK IV campaign.
Bomber Fighters ribbon:
Bomberts 2 Campaign: This award signifies the recipient has successfully completed the Bombers 2 Campaign
Campaign-Flak You Two: Awards for completion of a Flak You Two campaign build.
DOG: This award signifies the person completed the build a dog campaign.
Dogfights ribbon:
Double Trouble WWII Twins: This award signifies that the owner has completed a build in the Double Trouble WWII Twin Engine Campaign
Edgar Brooks Memorial Spitfire Campaign Award: RAF DFC ribbon with E.B. on it in gold
Fighter-Bomber Campaign: This award signifies that this individual completed the Fighter-Bomber Campaign
Fighting Frogs Award: Ribbon awarded when finishing Campaign
Go Small Or Go Home!:
Hairy Stick: The award of this colourful ribbon indicates that this modeller has mastered the art of Hairystick Fu
Hanger Queen 7 award: This award signifies that the recipient has completed the Hanger Queen 7 Campaign
IDF award:
KV campaign pt. 2: All those who finish the campaign within the rules and regs will receive this award. Only one award per person will be given.
Land of the Rising Sun Award: This award signifies this person completed the Aeroscale
Leopardmania 50: The award is granted to everyone registered to the campaign that successfully finishes it (build is completed in time and an image is uploaded to the campaign gallery). You will also receive a prize from Leopard Workshop and Real Models have also offered three MEXAS books for the winner and two runners-up.
Light Tanks Award: This award doth signifies the person hath completed the Light Tanks Campaign and in turn doth haveth this award bestowed upon thine profile.
Local Aerodrome: This award signifies this person completed the Local Aerodrome Campaign
MoM 2019: This person Completed the campaign build
National Pride Campaign Award: This award signifies this person completed the National Pride Campaign
Panzer IV Award:
Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Campaign: For completion of the Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Campaign.
Ribbon : Ribbon given to all of those that finish their builds.
Schwalbe - Me 262 Campaign 2015: This ribbon is presented in recognition of a completed build in the 2015 Schwalbe Me 262 Campaign
Sink the Bismarck campaign award:
Soviet Phoenix Campaign Ribbon: This ribbon signifies that the modeler has successfully completed the 2016-17 Soviet Phoenix campaign
Stalin's Armor - Any Scale OK:
StuG II: This award signifies this person completed the StuG II Campaign.
The Sign of the Four Campaign ribbon:
Thunder and Lightning Campaign Award:
Tool award: This award signifies this person completed the
 Build-a-Tool Campaign
Training 2 seater Campaign Award:
Vietnam II ribbon:
What The Flak? Campaign Ribbon:
Workhorses Campaign: