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Luft '46 Colours Pt. 10 Rockets, Pulse Jets and Ram Jets

Quite a varied bunch this time around as I have turned my attention to some of the less conventional forms of propulsion to continue the graphic illustration of the use of RLM Colours and mixing them.

Rocket Power
After the relative success and promise of the V2 rocket and the rocket powered Me 163 the German the RLM encouraged various manufacturers to pursue the use of this type of propulsion. Many designs were on the drawing board by the end of the war.

Pulse Jet
Also at this time pulse jet powered designs where also investigated. After the success of the V1 “Doodle bug” and with the need to produce fighters that were economical to build many designs were produced.

These designs were usually quite small due to the size of the motor unit and the availability of dwindling stocks of raw materials.

Most planned to do away with conventional undercarriage systems, using retractable or built in skids to allow compact layouts and weight saving. Although if some had made production, probably, orthodox undercarriage systems may have been adopted where the designs allowed.

Ram Jet
Having no moving parts, the ram jet is the simplest type of all-jet engine. This type of jet will not operate from rest so needs another form of power to get an aircraft airborne before it will work.

Many designs here were a case of being too far advanced for the technology available at the time.
  • 1_EMW_A9_
  • 2_EMW_A9_
  • 3_EMW_A9_
  • 1_Ju_EF126_TwinJet_
  • 2_Ju_EF126_TwinJet_
  • 3_Ju_EF126_Twin_Jet_
  • 1_STOCKEL_
  • 2_STOCKEL_
  • 3_STOCKEL_
  • 1_ME_P79_
  • 2_ME_P79_
  • 3_ME_P79_
  • 1_HE_P1080_
  • 2_HE_P1080_
  • 3_HE_P1080_
  • 1_ROMEO_
  • 2_ROMEO_
  • 3_ROMEO_
  • 1_BV_213_
  • 2_BV_213_
  • 3_BV_213_
  • 1_AR_TEW_
  • 2_ARTEW_
  • 3_ARTEW_
  • 1_Ju_EF126_Single_Pulse_
  • 2_Ju_EF126_Single_Pulse_Jet
  • 3_Ju_EF126_Single_Pulse_
  • 2_FWTA283_
  • 3_FWTA283_
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