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Luft '46 Colours Pt. 8 - Night fighters & Zerstörers

Zerstörers Here the role of these aircraft would have meant they would have been asked to fly in any weather or light conditions. Therefore schemes may have taken cues from their theatres of operation together with the availability of any required RLM shades. Some may have been based on day fighter schemes while others may have been painted more akin to night fighter schemes.

But again due to the unreliable supply of required RLM shades and the interpretation of the official guidelines by ground crews responsible for applying camouflage in the field many unusual schemes may have resulted. For example if the rules said RLM 81, but no paint of this shade was available what could they have done? If by luck, the armour red-brown was available; this mixed with dark grey or black may have allowed a reasonable substitute considering the circumstances.

Again I have included some of the extreme splinter schemes for examples of both night fighters and Zerstörers.
  • 2_HE1079A_
  • 3_HE1079A_
  • 1_FW_251_ENT_5
  • 2_FW251_ENT_5
  • 3_FW_251_ENT_5_
  • 1_HE1079A_
  • 1_BVP203_
  • 2_BVP203_
  • 3_BVP203_
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