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Luftwaffe Projects - Volume 9

It’s done. It’s completed. Volume 9 represents the longest gap between volumes since I started doing them. Apart from taking a somewhat ‘elastic’ break from profiling immediately after Volume 8 was published on site in April 2011, I wanted to follow it with some more ‘less well-known’ and obscure projects and this has taken longer in searching for data and references than I than I initially thought it might. Its been a long and winding road but happily I found a good number that are included here.

To summarise, there are two projects I’ve done before but thought they warranted a ‘from scratch’ redraw. There are four that are well documented but I’ve seen little in the way of profiles showing what they may have looked like should they have entered service. There are also two projects that are known, but scale drawings have only recently been discovered. The rest are profiles of projects that have incomplete data and therefore have needed some interpretation. And as an end-piece I’ve included a keyline drawing of a newly discovered aircraft that is currently in debate.

At this point I must state that throughout working on this volume I’ve had massive help, advice and encouragement from members of www.secretprojects.uk.co

Due to the very nature of some of these projects and their lack of information the following texts may well be patchy with a chance of there being missing information, but I’ll do my best.

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