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Making Your Own Camouflage Profiles

At this point we can take stock of what so far we have got. We should now have:

A. a basic outer keyline shape of the aircraft top plan with the keyline in black at a thickness of 0.2mm.

B. a detailed keyline top plan again in black at a thickness of 0.2mm.

C. a white fill with black outline key with 20% black shadow.

7. Now we repeat all steps above and do the side profile in exactly the same way. We should now have:

D. a basic black outer keyline of the overall side of the aircraft.

E. a detailed side profile. PICTURE 8.

8. I have included a guide for making wheels as follows:

A. Using the circle tool draw three circles inside each other and use the align tool to get them all centred. Then add a guide at the base of the outer circle and using the knife tool set on “straight” cut the bottom along the guide and discard the cut piece.

B. Using the line tool draw a line along the guide to give a flat bottom to the outer circle.

C. When the points align with those at the bottom ends of the cut outer circle, join them.

D, E,F. Next we can add detail by placing very small circles around the inner circle.

G. When complete, colour using highlight and graduation tools.

I have also included a few items we will need to add markings and insignia, all drawn on Freehand. PICTURE 9.

9. Now we are ready to take these elements into photoshop to colour and mark our profile. First we need to export each element separately as Freehand .eps files.
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