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Luft 46 Colour Camouflage Applications, Part 2: Fighters and Heavy Fighters

Colour Profiles
Again I have produced some profiles for possible camouflage schemes, some using shades from the experiment first phase results.

Profile Note
Rowan (Merlin) quite rightly mentioned the undersides of some late war aircraft were left unpainted to conserve paint supplies. In some cases the entire aircraft was left in bare metal. So, for one of the Bv 197 profiles I have left the undersides in bare metal apart from an odd panel or two. However as I thought it might have been preferable to retain Nightfighter black on the undersides of one of the Go P60 profiles I chose to leave the upper surfaces in metal.

Also with Project X in mind some of you may get some inspiration from the profiles.

editors note
If you missed it, Part 1 of this series can be seen via the following link:

Part 1: Fighters

  • MEP1111
  • LiP2
  • HSP122
  • HEP1078C
  • Bv215
  • BV197
  • ARP1
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