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Focke Wulf Fw 189 A-2

This is the1:48 scale Great Wall Hobby kit built as a machine of W.Nr 2317, 5D+CK, 2(H)/31, Russia, 1943. Apart from adding the flanges on the underside and replacing the molded on grab-handles, the model hasn't been altered externally. However, some details were added, mainly in the interior area and on the left engine. Below is a list of the modifications I did to the model in both areas:
Details added to the cockpit interior
- PE + acetate sheet instrument panels from the MPM kit.
- PE bomb sight from the MPM kit.
- Photo etched Flare holders from the MPM kit.
- Flare containers made from scratch.
- Plastic main wing spar from the MPM kit.
- Resin gas mask containers from the MPM kit.
- Plastic droppable messages containers from the MPM kit.
- Various plastic boxes and satchels from the MPM kit.
- Added details for the rudder pedals made from scratch.
- MG 81Z ammo cases made from scratch.
- Camera doors opening mechanism made from parts from the spare box.
- Photo Etched Radio box from Eduard.
- Additional cables from lead wire.
Details added to the left engine
- Firewall behind the engine was scratch-built.
- Some details were added on the back of the engine.
- Some cables made from lead wire were added.
- An oil tank made from scratch has been added.
- The oil radiator was detailed (the grill comes from the MPM kit).
- Hot air filters have been added inside the two small holes of the frontal engine cover.
- Two cover plates have been added on the underside of the engines.
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About Jean-Luc Formery (TedMamere)

I'm mainly interested in WW2 aircraft and I build them in 1/48 scale.