Luft '46 Pt. 9 - Fighters Vol. 3
by: Peter Allen

Chapter 10 for rocket, pulse jet and ram jet powered aircraft is well underway, but finding the references and doing the research for this is a little more time consuming than expected, so Iíve done a further series of fighters.

Some are aircraft Iíve done before, but I have re-worked them and added new schemes, but most are completely new. There is a good reason for doing so many fighters and that is there are so many designs....well thatís my excuse. It must be a reflection on the RLM concentrating on fighter design, especially in the last couple of years of WW2. Iíve included a number of firm Luft 46 favourites in addition to some more obscure designs. Some may even have a familiarity to them. Itís well regarded the Fw Ta183 had a huge influence on the MiG 15 and the final Me P1101 was redesigned and built by Bell as the X5. But there are other Luft 46 designs that may have formed the base for postwar aircraft. In particular, the Me P1101 August 44 design bears a striking resemblance to the Polish Iskra jet trainer of the fifties. It makes one wonder. In Part 1 of the series I mentioned an alternative way of choosing camo schemes other than those based on the RLM mixing experiment, which was to find references for an actual aircraft and apply its scheme and markings to the Luft 46 subject of a similar type/role, in this case fighters. Doing this should result in an authentic looking scheme on a possible Luft 46 replacement.

If one chooses this route it will probably be necessary to buy an after-market decal set. There are numerous Fw 190ís and Me 109ís available from Eagle Strike, Eagle Cal, Owl, Tally-Ho and Cutting Edge to name but a few. With this in mind Iíve done some schemes to illustrate this.

With one of the Me P1101 profiles Iíve tried to illustrate a possible scenario were non-German Axis pilots joined a group within the Luftwaffe towards the end of the war. In this case an Italian pilot, hence an Italianesque scheme.

I have also tried a new technique with regard to Photoshop. Two of the (July 44) Me P1101Ďs have the same camo scheme but in different colours. Although I couldnít resist adding a little extra ďwaveĒ pattern to the second one. To do this I took a completed scheme and tweaked the base colour layers in the ďHue/SaturationĒ section youíll find in Image, then Adjust.

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