Luft 46 Colours 6 - Bombers Pt. 1
by: Peter Allen

It's quite a while since I promised the bomber chapter as part of the on-going answer to (Holdfast) Mal Mayfield's original question "How do I choose a camouflage scheme for a Luft 46 subject?". In addition recently I've been asked a similar question with regard to what camo schemes might Luft 46 bombers have.

There are a few points to consider.

1. In the case of long range bombers, a great percentage of their flight time would be over water and I imagine schemes similar to the marine aircraft or possible developments of these colours and schemes.

2. After pondering the reasons for PR Pink applied to some Spitfires, I first thought it was for high altitude and relevant effects on certain colours in the spectrum. It turned out to be the complete opposite. The pink was to blend the aircraft with cloud at low level flight especially at dawn and dusk when the sun often tints clouds in rosy pinks.

However the opposite hues in the spectrum, i.e. violet, may be a useful colour base for high altitudes. I have tried a few schemes that rely on "new" colours such as grey-purples, heathers and mauves.

Again I have used for the most part, shades from the experiment of mixing standard RLM colours, although some completely new shades have been adopted in some cases, in addition to the use of standard colours. I do stress that some of these new colours are untested however. I arrived at these through mixing on computer known values and percentages of CYMK after scanning true RLM shades and a touch of educated guessing. Plus some colours appear overly bright due to computer resolutions and screen effects.

The next part will hopefully focus on swing wing aircraft and rocket powered designs. This series seems to be an endless task, but it is enjoyable to

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