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1. Eduard Mirage 2000 D/N [ 61,654 ]
by: Andy Brazier
2. WW2 British Secret Projects Vol. 1 [ 49,829 ]
by: Peter Allen
3. Weathering Model Aircraft [ 46,706 ]
by: David W. Aungst
4. Vietnam UH-1H Medevac Diorama [ 41,435 ]
by: Gino Quintiliani
5. Japanese Secret Projects of WW2 Vol 1 [ 38,134 ]
by: Peter Allen
6. WW2 colours and RLM paint chart [ 36,237 ]
by: Rowan Baylis
7. To Pre-Shade or Not To Pre-Shade? [ 34,599 ]
by: Mal Mayfield
8. Snake Bite! - AH-1W Super Cobra [ 32,768 ]
by: Tommaso Porro
9. Luft '46 Colours - Part 12 [ 32,236 ]
by: Peter Allen
10. WingnutWings at Wellington Model Expo [ 31,425 ]
by: James Fahey

Frederick Boucher brings us part two of his tour of the USAF Museum. This week we look at aircraft and artifacts of the Second World War. >> READ MORE

The Egg Plane campaign recently concluded and was themed around the little egg style caricatures model kits. Here we present the finished entries. >> READ MORE

Jean-Luc Formery gives us two different versions of the Must Have Curtiss Mowhawk. >> READ MORE

Read how Douglas Craner super-detailed Roden's 1:32 Albatros D.III to represent Manfred von Richthofen's aircraft, complete with a scratch-built figure of the Red Baron himself. >> READ MORE


Presenting the 2012 Model of the Year >> READ MORE

January's Model of the Month contest is now open for entries. >> READ MORE

Marko Vidmar brings us a show report from the Vth Annual New Year's Cup in Belgrade to wrap up our modelling year here at Aeroscale. >> READ MORE

Wrapping up the 2012 Model of the Month contests, this feature showcases all the other models, the ones that, while they didn't win the formal prize, still won the respect and admiration of the membership. >> READ MORE


S.e.5a's - No 74 'Tiger' Squadron
by: Kent Karlsen
S.e.5a's - No 74 'Tiger' Squadron, Clairmarais 1918 Kent Karlsen has built a very nice looking diorama with kits from Roden and Wingnuts, and here are some images of that fine piece of work.   >> READ MORE

Qatar Airways
by: Kostas Katseas
Kostas Katseas takes another break from his ship building to share one of his latest aeronautical creations, a 1/144 scale Qatar Airways dorama.   >> READ MORE

RIAT 2017
by: Darren Baker
Darren Baker shares with us a few photographs from RIAT 2017.   >> READ MORE

Boeing 777-300 ER
by: Kostas Katseas
Kostas Katseas takes a little break from his Naval creations to put together a diorama of a Boeing 777-300 ER.   >> READ MORE

RAF Tornado
Bill Giehos has sent in images of a very nicely build and painted RAF Tornado, and it is definitely worth the look.    >> READ MORE

PZL P.11
by: Borys Szczypka
Borys has another wonderful Silverwings build for us this weekend   >> READ MORE

English Electric Lightning F.6
Basilos Giehos sets aside his ship building to partake in more aircraft fun! This time, he worked up a 1/48 scale English Electric Lightning F.6 from Airfix.   >> READ MORE

F-16 Zeus Demo Team
Basilios Giehos knocks another aircraft kit around his bench...this time a Hellenic F-16 Zeus Demo Team jet from Tamiya.    >> READ MORE

May Model of the Month
by: Jessica Cooper
Springtime is now well developed. Let's see what the early crop of models will look like this year.   >> READ MORE

LiM-1 No.712
by: Michal Sindera
Michal Sindera (Mecenas) has sent in a great build feature of his Eduard 1/72nd Polish made MiG 15 which was named LiM (in Polish Licencyjny Mysliwiec which means Licensed Fighter).    >> READ MORE